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ICG has been building and optimizing custom websites and applications for over 17 years. The entire time we have specialized in Microsoft-based frameworks and technologies – from leading Content Management Systems (CMSs) building mobile-responsive websites to developing custom web applications using ASP.NET, Entity Framework, and the latest .NET Core techniques and technologies. We’re proud of the work we do and welcome you to learn about some of our more recent projects by exploring the case studies below.



As a trusted veterinary organization responsible for overseeing the training and certification of those specializing in veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, it was imperative that ACVECC's website provide accurate reporting on their residents' training program progress, as well as detailed tracking of their credential renewals.

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Mule-Hide Products

Mule-Hide Products needed to completely re-think how they delivered product documentation to their customers. A blazing fast, mobile-first solution was critical because they accessed the website from the field on every device imaginable.

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MetaFarms needed an experienced, full-stack developer to do more than build an app or solve a problem. They needed a technology partner to transfer skills through training and support for the long haul — driving continual improvement.

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Budget Challenge

Budget Challenge had a business-changing opportunity to go from a few thousand users to hundreds of thousands of users overnight. IowaComputerGurus delivered website performance optimization that exceeded expectations.

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