Website & Application Development for a Mobile World

We are a leading developer of websites and applications built on Microsoft technologies, including .NET Core and Xamarin. And we’ve been a leader for more than a decade. Our team members are sought-after presenters at international tech conferences and achieved multiple awards from major platforms and providers based upon our track record of success.

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Mobile-First Development Solutions

As of 2017, more than half of all internet traffic was served to mobile devices – phones and tablets. This mega-trend is impacting every aspect of technology today from websites and eCommerce to entertainment and services. These "mobile web" customers have different devices, data plans, and connectivity that no one can control. This makes it vital that every development project utilize mobile-first principles. They must take into account not only how a website or application looks on various screens, but how the use of images, code, platforms, APIs, and services impact performance. At IowaComputerGurus, we develop with a mobile-first mindset from day one.

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Web Development — .NET Core & Content Management

Successful web development begins with the choice of core technology. Some solutions are best constructed on established Content Management Systems (CMS). Others require the super-charged performance characteristics of pure .NET Core. But more and more, we are building some of the best business websites using both to provide an optimal marriage of flexibility, performance, and administration.

We are experts discovering the ideal technology solution and developing scalable, secure, and robust websites that deliver results.

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Application Development — Xamarin, ASP.NET & .NET Core

The choice of technology for application development is equally important. Mobile apps built using the Xamarin platform have exceptional performance and device portability critical to success, retain retain the expected native interactions. Applications running in established/restricted environments may necessitate ASP.NET on .NET Framework for long-term support/compliance. We often choose .NET Core for newer solutions due to its superior speed characteristics, cross-platform functionality, and forward-compatibility.

IowaComputerGurus has developed hundreds of applications on these platforms – each one built with a dedication to maintaining industry-leading best practices for security, speed, and resource optimization. And we will do the same for you.