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Performance and stability are the two most important elements in a great user experience (UX). If a site or application is internal, it directly impacts productivity and employee satisfaction. If it is public-facing, then the performance of your website and applications have to compete as much as the product or service you sell – increasing conversions and brand loyalty.

We have helped hundreds of organizations improve performance and maintain satisfaction in dynamic and rapidly expanding environments. We can pinpoint areas of low application performance from resource utilization to query optimization and beyond. But our success comes from more than just the right technology tools. It comes from decades of experience helping our customers strike the perfect balance to make sure that their technology project continues to be a success and deliver value.

Memory RAM Profiling Improve Fix Optimize Website Application Performance IowaComputerGurus

Memory Profiling

Core system memory utilization is one of the four basic components of a computing system. Nothing moves without it. But it's also one of the most problematic and common performance bottlenecks. How and when applications store, process, retrieve, and manage this memory is vital, and even small inefficiencies can cause "leaks" that impact performance ... sometimes slowly at first, that can build up dramatically over time.

No one is better at trouble-shooting, identifying, and documenting memory issues than we are. And it's common for an under-performing application to achieve performance increases upwards of 50% while streamlining the application footprint at the same time. The result is faster and more stable performance AND lower costs.

Database Optimization and Indexing Improve Fix Optimize Website Application Performance IowaComputerGurus

Database Optimization and Indexing

We live in a time where "Big Data" is everywhere and analytics are more important than ever. And since we now collect every possible bit of information from our apps and websites, the amount of data in your database can grow remarkably fast. This is not just important to remember when creating new sites and apps, but existing systems that performed well when data loads were smaller can start to bog down as databases expand and queries become more complex.

There are real, practical steps we can take to improve database performance — from analyzing queries to improved indexing, removing deadlocks, improving configuration, anticipating access patterns, and more.

CPU Processor Profiling Improve Fix Optimize Website Application Performance IowaComputerGurus

CPU Performance Profiling

Even a well-built application can slow down over time. Complexity increases, new versions of operating systems and platforms are released, security patches are issued, new features are added, and development best-practices are updated. Any of these can increase the system processing load. Sometimes key functions are needlessly repeated and at other times functions and calculations are called from code that are no longer used — wasting valuable CPU resources and time.

Using the latest, professional profiling tools available we can deep-dive into your application processes and behaviors ... drilling down into individual lines of code. Using this process we can quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks and areas that are prime candidates for optimization.

Website and Web Application Security Compliance Image

Security Compliance

We've said it many times — today, more than ever, security is job #1. Websites and applications are under attack every single day. Black-hat hackers are constantly probing for unpatched software, missed security settings, and infrastructure weaknesses.

But you CAN keep your websites and applications secure and protected. But it takes a focus and experience. And we have been successfully protecting business technology solutions for more than a decade. We know how to increase security and — importantly — we have the desire and will to achieve it. We go beyond security compliance and regulation. We will help you lock it down and keep it safe.

Accessible Website and Application Compliance Solutions from IowaComputerGurus Help Businesses and Enterprises Get Accessibility Compliant Fast

Accessibility Compliance

The larger your organization or enterprise, the more critical it is to ensure that your websites and applications are accessible and fully compliant with applicable regulations. This is especially true for financial services, medical businesses, education, and governmental agencies — and the companies that do business with them.

We have helped dozens of companies just like yours get compliant, avoid the fines and navigate the potential regulatory burdens that come from non-compliance. We are accessibility compliance experts and we can help you too, regardless of the standard you are working to achieve. (Section 508, WCAG or otherwise)

Quality Code Review and Assurance Checks for Your Infrastructure, Website, Debug Applications, Software, and Business Network

Code Review & Quality Assurance

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes makes all the difference. Bring us in during a current project review or to help analyze an existing application against Microsoft and industry best practices for development. We can perform one-time or regularly-scheduled reviews and — more importantly — communicate what we find to your team. We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience is an important part of the service we provide. Not only will your application get better, but the whole team will benefit as quality and processes improve.