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Solutions Too Good Not to Share

As longtime supporters of the Open Source Software (OSS) community, IowaComputerGurus has developed a multitude of innovative and exciting products over the years. While initially created for our own use, we are pleased to make them available to the general public.

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Free & Open Source Products

In addition to routinely contributing to large Open Source projects such as DNN, ICG also maintains and manages the development of a number of smaller projects as well.

Expandable Text

Expandable Text/HTML for DNN/EVOQ

Quiz Module

Quiz Module for DNN/EVOQ

Scheduled SQL Jobs

Scheduled SQL Jobs for DNN/EVOQ

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Commercial Products

From apps and modules to special use programs and solutions, IowaComputerGurus proudly offers a wide range of commercial products for ASP.NET Core, DNN, and more.

Simple 2 Factor Authentication

Simple 2 Factor Authentication for DNN/EVOQ

IP Based Auto-Login

IP Based Auto-Login for DNN/EVOQ

External Database Authentication

External Database Authentication for DNN/EVOQ

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Utility Products

IowaComputerGurus provides a variety of safe and effective utility programs to help maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot your websites and applications.

DotNET Core Azure DevOps Pipelines Tasks

.NET Core Azure DevOps Pipelines Tasks

ASPNET Core Utilities Library

ASP.NET Core Utilities Library

DotNET Core Spreadsheet Utilities

.NET Core Spreadsheet Utilities