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Commercial Solutions Made Easy

ICG has a number of current commercial software applications. Details on all available application are listed below. All commercial products are fully supported by the ICG team. Existing ICG customers with questions can direct all inquiries to the Customer Support Portal. We strive to respond to all requests for support within 24 hours.

Commercial Products

Simple 2 Factor Authentication for DNN/EVOQ

ICG’s Simple 2 Factor Authentication Provider for DNN (DotNetDuke) or Evoq based websites easily and effectively helps to elevate the security of your applications. Supporting 2 factor authentication via email, Twilio SMS, or Google Authenticator, this robust, configurable solution allows you to require 2 factor authentication for Super Users, specific users based on role, or all users, ensuring the most critical functions are protected from unauthorized access and potential attacks. Available with multiple licensing models to work for all types of users, including those delivering DNN solutions to their customers.

Commercial Products

IP Based Auto-Login for DNN/EVOQ

For those in corporate evironments, you can use this DNN extension to automatically authenticate users based on their origin IP (Internet Protocol) address. With a robust configuration process allowing single IP’s, IP Ranges, and combinations of both to define valid users, securing content while still allowing users’ ease of access is quite possible. Installation and configuration is simple and takes less than 5 minutes to be up and running. Simply add this module to a page that is visible to “Unauthenticate Users” and configure the allowable ranges. From here, the module will ensure that if the user visits the page from a Proper IP address that are logged in.

Commercial Products

External Database Authentication for DNN/EVOQ

Have an external database of users that you would like to use for your DNN (DotNetNuke) or EVOQ based website? This product is the solution for your needs. A simple replacement for the standard DNN login control you can seamlessly integrate your users into your site. With built-in protection against configuration errors our solution will ensure that you never are locked out of your website due to a configuration error. Need something more complex than a simple integration? You may purchase the source to quickly extend to your needs, or Contact Us for a custom solution.