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Elegant and well-executed applications are only half the battle. Hosting is critical to a successful solution. We offer customized hosting solutions and work hand-in-hand with the leading hosting and cloud providers.

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Featured Case Studies

The path to success

Ducks Unlimited

With 10,000 pages of content across fifty portals that had built up over years in their “home-grown” website and database solution, Ducks Unlimited needed a solution to update their site. The challenge was to make it modern, responsive, social, secure, and put it in the cloud – all with zero downtime.
"Mitch and his group were highly recommended..and he kept up-to-date, with a deep knowledge of the DNN platform, tips, and tactics."
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Mule-Hide Products

With more than 3,000 products/documents hidden from their target audience in their "home-grown" solution, Mule-Hide needed a solid solution to manage & display their products, documents, and assets to the public. The challenge was to deliver a model solution, with accessibility & performance in mind, deployed to the cloud - all with zero downtime.
"[They] worked really well with every department at Mule-Hide and with our corporate office to achieve enthusiastic buy-in by delivering on their needs while providing direct answers, options, costs, and benefits."
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ICG's work with MetaFarms has been the result of 8+ years of collaboration, with ICG providing the training, tools, and guidance necessary for the MetaFarms team to evolve with the constantly changing technology landscape. A true example of the power of process & collaboration.
"IowaComputerGurus has delivered custom education, training, and services directly to our development staff — delivering high quality service, insight, and dedication to our needs. We’ve saved hundreds of development hours and improved the quality of our applications."
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Budget Challenge

With an amazing opportunity to grow an active user base from a few hundred to almost 100,000 concurrent users the Budget Challenge team was experiencing extreme growing pains. With the partnership of ICG, BudgetChallenge, and their hosting provider (PointClick) the seemily impossible was accomplished and goals were met, in record time.
"PointClick and IowaComputerGurus were knowledgeable, flexible and extremely responsive on an around-the-clock basis."
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Most Recent Blogs

Mobile First … Not Mobile Only

Mobile First … Not Mobile Only

Is Mobile-First Development & Design a Good Thing? The short answer is an unequivocal “yes.” But the longer answer — the right answer — is a bit more complicated than that. Each business is unique and that means the preferred behavior of the target audiences of each business should determine where IT resources are deployed. If your answer is “mobile-first” because that’s what everyone is saying at the moment, it’s time to go back to the analytics and find out what your customers want to do.
The Hidden Security Risks of Dirty Website Code

The Hidden Security Risks of Dirty Website Code

A few months ago, we published an article on page speed: “The Truth About Website Page Speed” (link below). In that article, we decry the rise of automated website speed scoring tools to reflect on the parts of page sped that matter. A part of page speed that matters is clean code. The usability of a site is enough to warrant a serious look into how the cleanliness your code is impacting the user experience. But there’s more … a lot more, and it is mission-critical stuff. There are three ways in which the cleanliness of your website code matters: 1. User Experience (previously covered here) 2. Security Risks (this article) 3. Google Dominance in Search and Browsers (covered next)

Featured White Papers

Vulnerability and Exploit Response Best Practices for Business Websites and Applications Exposed to Vulnerability or Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability and Exploit Response Best Practices

More than 97% of websites have at least one unaddressed vulnerability. But not all vulnerabilities are created equal. So it can be difficult to decide when remedial action to take and – importantly — when to take it. In this timely white paper, we suggest a series of Best Practices to apply when you are informed that your website or application might be exposed using the Website Vulnerability and Exploit Response model (WVER) – applicable to all software platform and technology environments.
Download Vulnerability Response White Paper
Secure Socket layer Protection (SSL) Implementation and Website Data Security Policy Best Practices

SSL Implementation and Website Security Best Practices

Website security continues to be a moving target as technology evolves and malicious attacks continue to evolve with it. While the website security best practices provided in this document are not all-inclusive, they form the core of what we consider to be relatively easy to implement set of website security policies that protect against most common attacks. Taking these few simple steps beyond just adding an SSL Certificate could be the difference that prevents an attack.
Download SSL Implementation White Paper