Great Design for Your Business Website & App

The famous architect Louis Sullivan – "The Father of Skyscrapers" and mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright – famously said of design, "Form Follows Function." Never has this been more true than now when great business website and application design meet at the intersection of art, technology, communication, and human behavior. Once the code is ready to deploy, great design can help ensure that your objectives and vision are accomplished.

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UI design is the discipline of visual elements — the color, font, images, graphics that make the user comfortable and reduce friction by making it easy and pleasurable to consume content and take action in an app or on the page. UX design is related to the underlying structure of layout, organization, and responsiveness. UX is thinking about how to keep an application or website intuitive and fast on every device, all the time.

User Interface design (UI) and User Experience design (UX) work together. Both improve website and application success by focusing on what the user needs. IowaComputerGurus has been designing and implementing successful UX/UI projects as a part of our work for more than a decade. And we can help your project succeed too.

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Your Content Matters

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote a famous essay — published to the Microsoft website — titled "Content is King." This influential article has proven to be prophetic. The UX and UI of your business website or application exist to deliver content that delivers users and inspires action fundamental to the success of your business. Your content matters a lot.

We have a team of exceptional content creators with decades of experience in eCommerce, lead generation, persuasion, and human behavior. We'll work with you to develop the text and graphical content that accomplishes your business objectives — from SEO and calls-to-action to product descriptions and beyond.

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Brand Strategy & Continuity

Brand and branding strategy underlay every element of design. Your business has a culture and a target customer. Your websites and applications need to reflect the needs of both by delivering your message in a way that speaks to the "truth" of your business in a consistent way. They are a reflection of your business.

We’ll take the time to understand your business and your brand and work with you to deploy your brand and branding strategy through technology. This insider knowledge will help us design the content and UX/UI that will deliver results.