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Process Driven

Process Driven

The team at ICG believes firmly in the importance of process and procedure. We strive to execute every project with consistency, quality, and efficiency which is only obtained by following a consistent process. Our processes focus on moving your project through the entire lifecycle from concept to implementation to long-term support. Even if ICG might not be servicing you for the entire duration of your project, our internal processes provide the support we need to effectively deliver your solution.

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When it comes to great websites and apps, the word "design" means lots of things — from UX/UI and Content to Strategic Brand Consistency. It’s front-end and back-end ... things seen and things unseen.

How We Design
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We start with a mobile-first philosophy — because that’s where your customers and users are. From there, our full-stack development team is free to use the code and content management solution that’s the best fit for the task at hand.

How We Develop
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Optimization for us is the relentless pursuit of speed, security, efficiency, accessibility, and compliance. Whether we are building your solution on .NET Core, DNN, Xamarin, or any other platform — it will be optimized to deliver comprehensive performance.

How We Optimize
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At IowaComputerGurus we have a reputation for delivering. From support during the development process, to training your team and maintaining your website and application for the long term — we are dedicated to your success.

How We Support

ICG Hosting

Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS & More

Elegant and well-executed applications are only half the battle. Hosting is critical to a successful solution. We offer customized hosting solutions and work hand-in-hand with the leading hosting and cloud providers.

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ICG Hosting
ICG Exchange

ICG Exchange

Tools, Products, and Utilities Too Good Not to Share

Initially developed for our own use, ICG is proud to make these products available to the public. From apps and modules to special use programs and solutions, you’ll find a host of commercial and open-source offerings for ASP.NET Core, DNN, and more.

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Superior Solutions in Action

When it comes to delivering Multi-Tenant, eCommerce enabled, Web/Mobile, SaaS solutions, ICG has you covered!

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