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.NET Core & MAUI prove a winning hand for Flushed: Race to the Flush Game App

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Mobile & Backend Development
.NET Core - MAUI - iOS - Android

Our entire sales effort hinged on this app and the user experience it created

— David Buten:
Flushed Game, LLC

Mission: Build a Winning Game App

When the creators of Flushed: Race to the Flush, a new-to-market, card-based casino game, needed a compelling and playable gambling app to give them an additional sales & marketing edge, they bet on ICG to deliver a winning solution that not only captured the excitement of this innovative new table game, but also allowed for casino-like gameplay across multiple device types.

Combining the thrill of horse racing, betting styles similar to roulette, and the camaraderie of craps, there was little doubt they had a great new casino game on their hands. However, given the game’s unique ruleset and the many challenges of selling to casinos, it soon became apparent that their sales effort would hinge entirely on this app and the user experience it created. Enter ICG.

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Strategic Objectives

  • Create an application to showcase how this new casino game is played
  • Allow for casino-link gameplay across multiple device types
  • Create a platform for future growth and marketing for the business

Tactical Objectives

  • Validate technical accuracy of gameplay vs game odds
  • Design an application to be visually appealing
  • Deliver a solution to both Google Play and Apple App Store

All In with .NET Core & MAUI

Upon initial consultation, both parties quickly realized collaboration was crucial to the project’s success, especially in regard to understanding the intricacies of gameplay and how best to demonstrate both the betting options and payout potential while avoiding any actual cost to the user.

Strategically utilizing .NET Core and MAUI, Iowa Computer Gurus was able to devise and develop an easy-to-use, mathematically accurate gambling app that showcased the fun and fast-paced gaming experience of Flushed: Race to the Flush in a visually appealing way without the complexities of using real money.

Technology Matrix

"This app was unique. Ensuring a proper balance of gameplay and education was critical to its success”

-- Mitchel Sellers : CEO @ IowaComputerGurus, Inc.

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Letting it Ride

After 10 million simulated hands with overwhelmingly positive results, the Flushed team now has more confidence approaching sales opportunities knowing they have an ace up their sleeve in the form of a reliable and engaging gaming app that people genuinely enjoy playing.

Furthermore, having their app published on Google Play and Apple AppStore added credibility to their company while simultaneously validating their belief that when it comes to new card-based casino games, Flushed: Race to the Flush is a can’t lose proposition!

Another Great Partnership

Our partnership with Flushed Game was a great success, the final published application is helping to share their new, patented, casino game with the world. Leveraging Microsoft technologies we were able to deliver a solution that met their needs, budget, and resulted in a quality end product.