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ACVECC.org Gets a New Look and Enhanced User Experience thanks to DNN and ASP.NET Core


Front & Backend Development
.NET Core - DNN - Azure - eCommerce

Automation of manual processes in the digital age can be difficult, this project is a shining example of the benefits of completing these tasks.

— Mitchel Sellers:
IowaComputerGurus, Inc.

Mission: Rethink, Revamp, Report

As a trusted veterinary organization responsible for overseeing the training and certification of those specializing in veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, it was imperative that ACVECC's website provide accurate reporting on their residents' training program progress, as well as detailed tracking of their credential renewals.

Unfortunately, ACVECC had a dependency on a third-party software product, and despite its excessive annual fees, the system was unable to meet the growing needs of ACVECC's training program and lacked the ability to address their new Maintenance of Credential (MOC) process.

ACVECC Experts

Strategic Objectives

  • Allow residents and credentialed candidates to self-service more information
  • Automate annual dues collection and reporting to streamline procedures and time revenue
  • Allow for the first-time tracking of Maintenance of Credentials (MOC) for Diplomates
  • Reduce annual expenditures on software

Tactical Objectives

  • Identify a technology development partner with the skills and experience to implement the strategy
  • Transition all in-flight residents from an existing platform without disruption
  • Design a new website to create an improved, responsive, & modern user experience consistent with existing brand
  • Identify & deploy to a proven public cloud infrastructure that scales economically with projected growth

Streamlined For Success

After a comprehensive consultation with ACVECC’s administration team, IowaComputerGurus quickly realized the solution was a revamped website capable of linking all portions of the program together to create a streamlined user experience easily accessible to all program participants. .

Using a hybrid approach of ASP.NET Core and DNN Platform, IowaComputerGurus successfully automated ACVECC’s tracking process, reducing the annual effort for credential and program review by more than 85%. The new MOC implementation even allowed for the tracking of 10-year credential renewal for the first time in ACVECC’s history. .

Solution Stack Logos

"Mitch and Kenny were very responsive. If I had a problem or question, I’d hear back the very same day. ICG really understood our complex system and did a great job of making sure we never felt irrelevant”

-- Armelle De Laforcade: ACVECC

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Accuracy Meets Accountability

With thousands of residency candidates enrolled in various stages of ACVECC's training program, the website would also require a reliable means of collecting and recording its members’ fees and annual dues, as well as provide an effective and dependable way to generate necessary training letters to its members.

In addition to the development and implementation of a safe and secure online payment process, IowaComputerGurus successfully delivered on their request to generate said letters automatically.

A Little Innovation Goes a Long Way

The impact of the new website was felt immediately by ACVECC administrators, who reported a substantial workload decrease for all parties to the process, including an unheralded 40% reduction in the volunteer time of residency program management. It also reduced the error rates of data entry resulting in more accurate reporting on resident progress.

Responsive example images

Result - Mission Accomplished

- 40%

Volunteer Requirements

- 90%

Paper submissions


training activities recorded

- 85%

In Annual Review Time




Automation of Dues Collection

ACVECC’s partnership with IowaComputerGurus has proved to be an overwhelming success, with the new program having already recorded over 35,000 training activities since inception. From drastically reduced spending costs to improved accountability in the reporting and tracking of their MOC process, IowaComputerGurus provided a robust solution that not only met ACVECC's initial business objectives but is more than capable of supporting further enhancements as their program needs change.