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Feb 22, 2017 Clint Patterson

 DNN Association, DNN Summit, & DNN On the Slopes!

Recently some strategic organization has taken place in the DNN Community that you should know about. Our friends across the pond continue to move forward with DNN-Connect, and in the US a non-profit entity — DNN Association — was recently formed. As a community, there are a lot of benefits of having formalized entities helping to lead the way. And since we’re here on the website I might add that Mitchel Sellers of Iowa Computer Gurus is an active member of the new DNN Association (thanks Mitchel)!

DNN Association

The DNN Association was formed by DNN Community members with the goal of serving the greater DNN Community by making conferences easier to host. In the past, if an individual or group of people decided to step up and host a DNN conference they essentially had to start over from scratch with the planning and execution of their conference. The following year the same process happened again for whoever hosted the next conference. There were a lot of lessons learned throughout the process of hosting a conference that were not captured, shared, and leveraged. This ultimately made the task of hosting a conference a very intimidating one. There was room for improvement.

With the desire to serve the DNN community by making this process easier, a group of dedicated DNN pros came together, formed an organization, nominated a Board of Directors, and set forth with a vision. I didn’t realize the number of details that would go into simply forming an organization, but fortunately we’ve got some committee members who have experience with non-profits and helped lead the way.

As the organization was forming we were also executing the rebranding of the conference in parallel with planning the next actual conference — DNN Summit 2017. It was indeed a busy and challenging time, but one that was ultimately worth it. Countless hours were spent by a core group of DNN Community members to make all this possible. Their contributions were substantial, selfless, and for the greater good of the community. If you know, see, or communicate with anybody on the committee, you should thank them. Shortly after the new year, DNN Summit was upon us!

DNN Summit 2017

What was known as DNNCon in the past is now DNN Summit. I posted a blog on the DNN Summit site about this transition. As a committee, we decided to make some significant changes to the event based on feedback we’ve received over the years all in hopes of taking the event to a new level. We moved the event from the weekend to occurring as a three-day event during the week, and instead of being a free event we charged a nominal fee for admission. This helped us offset some of the costs of the event. The first ever DNN Summit took place in late January of 2017 in Denver, Colorado. Day one kicked off with a new pre-conference event — the DNN Code-a-thon — where seasoned DNN pros contributed to the code base. Day two featured another new addition — the Business Roundtable — and was filled from morning until night with training sessions on Theming, Module Development, Administration, and more.

Day three was the culmination of the event. We were fortunate to have Scott Hanselman of Microsoft as the keynote speaker, He spoke about latest trends impacting the greater web development community and what that means for the future. The keynote address was followed by thirty-six sessions across multiple tracks and focused on all things DNN — from UX and Mobile SEO to MVC development and deep dives into the hottest code topics.

The event was well received by the DNN Community as the feedback during and since the event has been very positive — which it means that it was time to enjoy a few fun-days with our fellow DNN-loving peers.

Which brings us to ...

DNN on the Slopes

Usually cities that host DNN Conferences inject their local color into the conferences. This happened in Charlotte with the “Southern Fried DNN” event being themed with sweat tea, fried foods, & moonshine. It also happened in West Palm Beach when attendees went deep sea fishing off the Florida coast just before the event. As you would imagine with a conference in Denver, the DNN Community took to the slopes!

The day after the conference ended a large group of community members headed to Winter Park, Colorado — which is just over an hour west of Denver. While on the tour bus, the scenery changed to cold and snowy very quickly. We stayed in the Beaver Creek lodge cabins and enjoyed 2 days of tubing, skiing, snowmobiling, and connecting socially. It was a blast!

If you haven’t seen the recap blog & video on the DNN Summit site, you should check it out.

Get Involved!

During the conference and while at the slopes there were discussions about how to get involved with the DNN Association. Getting involved is simple, just email us at We gladly welcome anyone who wants to get involved and assist because we can always use the help.

If you love the platform like we all do, like the direction we’re taking with DNN Association & DNN Summit, then get involved! Your contributions don’t have to be anything epic. It could be as simple as providing directions at an event, welcoming someone, handing out tickets, etc. Keep in mind that committee members just regular DNN Community members just like you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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