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Understanding Google Core Web Vitals and SEO Impact

In May of 2020 Google updated their Google Page Speed Insight tools with new measurements of speed and experience as part of their official recommendations. Then in December, they announced that those metrics would contribute to Search ranking scores. This makes Google Core Web Vitals mission-critical for all business websites. Here is what you need to know.
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Mobile First … Not Mobile Only

Is Mobile-First Development & Design a Good Thing? The short answer is an unequivocal “yes.” But the longer answer — the right answer — is a bit more complicated than that. Each business is unique and that means the preferred behavior of the target audiences of each business should determine where IT resources are deployed. If your answer is “mobile-first” because that’s what everyone is saying at the moment, it’s time to go back to the analytics and find out what your customers want to do.
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The Hidden Security Risks of Dirty Website Code

A few months ago, we published an article on page speed: “The Truth About Website Page Speed” (link below). In that article, we decry the rise of automated website speed scoring tools to reflect on the parts of page sped that matter. A part of page speed that matters is clean code. The usability of a site is enough to warrant a serious look into how the cleanliness your code is impacting the user experience. But there’s more … a lot more, and it is mission-critical stuff. There are three ways in which the cleanliness of your website code matters: 1. User Experience (previously covered here) 2. Security Risks (this article) 3. Google Dominance in Search and Browsers (covered next)
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2020: Tech Hindsight is 20/20

The End of the year always brings a flurry of retrospective content. That’s natural I suppose. It is natural to get a bit reflective when the calendar markers click over. The compulsion to arm-chair quarterback major events and mistakes or to don a wizardly hat and Nostradamus the future is strong. We’ve looked back at dozens of technology stories from this year and found that ALL the big stories and events actually boil down to just 4 deeper, more meaningful stories. Let’s take a look and bring the year into focus.
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Modern Disaster Preparedness & Recovery in the Age of the Cloud

The Internet Has Become Complacent Again, and That’s Got to Stop. Even though the relentless march of technology has dramatically improved the stability and reliability of networks and hardware, business and enterprise websites and systems face continued threats from cascading failure in hyperscale public clouds to malware and ransomware. We have updated and revised our Best Practice recommendations for keeping your data safe in the age of the cloud and — more importantly — providing a clear path to recovery when the worst happens.
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Azure Space Makes a Starlink Deal to Redefine The Edge

We have been around datacenters for our entire careers. For decades the trend has been toward bigger and more powerful data centers that contain literally millions of processors. These behemoths are placed where power is cheap and bandwidth easily available. And they are so expensive that you just can't put them all the places you need to. But what if there was a way to put small, super-powerful computing power anywhere in the world without having to worry about power or connectivity? The future is now.