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 Introducing FlightFiles - Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Made Easy

IowaComputerGurus is excited to announce the general availability of our new Web-Based Aircraft Maintenance Tracking system.  Designed to take the headache out of tracking important maintenance operations with single-engine aircraft.  The idea driven from the cumbersome tracking processes that I personally encountered when going from student pilot to aircraft owner.  I wanted the ability to quickly and easily see what needed to be done with my plane, when it needed to be done, and in a manner that was reliable.  I didn't want others using my plane to need to remember to "send a picture" of the flight log in the plane, or provide other information to me to stay on top of things.

FlightFiles is a simple web-based application that allows you to define maintenance items and log flights with your aircraft.  As you log flights the system keeps track of upcoming maintenance operations and provides status information.  In the coming months we will be adding more and more features to help keep you up-to-date.  The below is a quick functionality walk through of the key features.

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