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 DotNetNuke Performance Best Practices Guide

One of the most common questions that I have been asked over the past 1-2 years is; "How do you make DotNetNuke perform well?".  Over the past few months I have given a few presentations on basic configuration elements and how you can tune DotNetNuke for the best performance possible.  I will also be giving a presentation on the topic at OpenForce in Las Vegas this November, however, that presentation will have a few new items that have yet to be discussed.

After sharing all of this information I decided that this would be a perfect candidate for the first "Best Practices" guide to be made available from this site.  Therefore without further discussion I present version 1.0 of our "DotNetNuke Performance Best Practices".

Be sure to share your comments/experiences/feedback here on this post.  Additionally if these recommendations have had a specific impact on your site and you are willing to provide information for a case study, please e-mail me at

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