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 DotNetNuke Module/Extension Development Best Practices

Over the past few months IowaComputerGurus has fielded more and more questions surrounding the "how" part of DotNetNuke module/extension development.  Along with these questions have been requests for "best practices" and other general information that if followed will help developers create solutions that work well within the DotNetNuke platform.


After fielding numerous requests for code reviews and one-off recommendations on how to develop stable modules we have decided to start a new Best Practices guide.  With this post we would like to present our DotNetNuke Module/Extension Development Best Practices guide.  This document is a living guide and is based on items experienced during the creation of the 200+ modules that have been created since the formation of our business.


We would like to stress greatly that this is a working document and we are openly soliciting community feedback on items to add to the document to help provide a consistent resource to the community.  If you have suggestions feel free to share them here, or e-mail Mitchel directly at

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