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 DotNetNuke 5.x and Beyond - Best Practices Updates

Almost a year ago we published to this blog our first whitepaper, "DotNetNuke Performance Best Practices", in that time the document has been downloaded over five thousand times and we have received numerous e-mails with feedback regarding the contents of the document, the basis of our recommendations and suggestions on how to expand the document.

A lot has happened in the DotNetNuke world in this time, DotNetNuke corporation has landed Venture Capital funding and they have really increased up the development efforts on the product and have been rapidly introducing new features and modifying the functionality that has been existing.  Not all of it has been the most smooth translation and I blogged about our thoughts with this in my blog post titled "DotNetNuke Growing Pains and You, How to Cope" which sparked a large amount of conversation.

Due to all of these changes we decided that it was time to release an updated performance best practices guide that covered the specific differences that have been introduced by the 5.x platform.  You can visit the "White Papers" section of this site to download the newest version.

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