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 Mitchel Sellers Added as DotNetNuke Core Team Member

Today DotNetNuke Corporation sent out another issue of the Community Newsletter, in the founders message they announced the details of the much anticipated DotNetNuke Core Team re-arrangement.  Part of this announcement included the addition of myself as a DotNetNuke Core Team Member.  This has been something I've been working for quite a while.  I have a vested interest in helping DotNetNuke grow and hope that this assignment will grant new opportunities to contribute.


What Does This Mean?

The true extent of what this means is yet to be fully realized, however, I hope to start contributing more to the DotNetNuke core.  One  key focus that I've expressed as a desire is the ability to assist with developer API documentation to help make the API easier for new developers to understand how it work with it.


As more information is fleshed out, look for information on the blogs here,, and

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