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 Major IowaComputerGurus Updates

We have been busy here at IowaComputerGurus for a while as we have been heads-down working on a massive set of updates to the documents, modules, tools, and resources that we make available on this site.  In addition to a major update for our brand and visual appeal.  It is with great honor that I reveal to you the fruits of our labor from the past months!


The following sections of this post will highlight some of the major changes that have been rolled out. This is not an inclusive list so please poke around. Not only are there massive changes now, but look for more changes to be coming in the near future.


Whitepaper Updates

For those that have attended past events where I have been promising updated guidance for both development and performance best practices.  Well the wait is over, version 6.2 of both of these documents have been released and contain important information applicable to the most current versions of DotNetNuke.  Get them now...


Visual Studio Templates Released

Another item that has been in the to-do queue for a while was packaging and deploying our customized DotNetNuke module templates. After three more months of tweaking since our initial commitment to releasing them I'm proud to announce that you can download the customizable template now. Learn more...


Code Smith Templates Released

Code-generation and removing repetitive tasks from the day-to-day grind is an important aspect to any developers life. To help with this we have released a collection of DotNetNuke related CodeSmith Generator templates that we use for our development projects for public use. Learn more...


Project Cleaner Application Released

A common question we get from clients and community members is how we manage our local copies of applications and the preparation of source packages while keeping our Source Control Bindings and other files private. We have packaged and published the Project Cleaner application which is our handy one-stop project cleaner that is used to prepare a solution for distribution. Learn more...


DotNetNuke Module Updates

As part of our transition to the new site it was time to make a few decisions with regards to the modules that we offer. We have opted to "sunset" a few of our older modules that were no longer being used and removed them from the site. As such we will have more time to focus on the modules that we have left and will introduce new ones as needed. Check out our products section for full information.



This is just a subset of the updates that we have made. We look forward to future updates that will contain more contributions.

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