Case Studies

This page is dedicated to sharing some real-life customer experiences so that you can better understand what we do and how we do it.

Mule-Hide Case Study

Mule-Hide Products needed to completely re-think how they delivered vital documentation to the customers. Architects, engineers, and contractors needed to be able to find materials, specifications, and drawing details fast from offices, warehouses, and job sites on every device imaginable. And then they needed to find the closest distributor to keep teams productive in the field. The right solution was DNN Platform, a blazing-fast custom back-end built on Microsoft .NET Core, Microsoft Azure, and ICG.

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Ducks Unlimited Case Study

Ducks Unlimited had 10,000 pages of content across fifty portals – including text, images, and videos – that had built up over years in their “home-grown” website and database solution. The challenge was to make it modern, make it mobile, make it social, make is secure, and put it in the cloud – all with zero downtime. The solution was DNN/Evoq, Microsoft Azure, and ICG.

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Budget Challenge Case Study

Budget Challenge had a website challenge.  Their site was cruising at a few hundred users per day, but a unique marketing opportunity rose quickly that required them to prepare for as many as 50,000 user per day ... almost overnight.  Normally, even the most successful small businesses grow more slowly.  The team at Budget Challenge knew that they needed to scale very rapidly and there was no margin for error.  A site that was using simple structures and single web servers had to increase capacity to multiple web servers and robust databases with high availability and distributed load. 

They knew that ICG had the expertise to get it done with tight collaboration between everyone from the Budget Challenge ownership, to the ICG developers, and on to the infrastructure providers.  Read more for the whole story. 

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MRA Case Study

MRA needed a new website solution to automate and streamline the web experience and tie their international subscriber and user-base together. But the new solution had to be extensible, fast, and responsive while maintaining leading industry standards of security and stability to support vast amounts of personal data. They found the solution with ICG.

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MetaFarms Case Study

MetaFarms finds that as they grow, take on new customers, and build new services for livestock producers across the North America, their technology needs to evolve to remain aligned with their business model.  Partnering with ICG to incrementally improve their platform helps them keep ahead of the evolution curve. 

MetaFarms, Inc. engaged IowaComputerGurus to modernize their technology platform, increase their ability to scale as they gained more customers, and improve performance in all aspects of their business.

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Delivering Healthcare from the Cloud: an Azure Deployment Case Study

Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers delivers medical, dental, and wellness care services to patients in western Wisconsin. They had a brand new DNN website, but they needed better performance, more security, better backups, and a fully-managed deployment solution that eliminated the administration and management burden from their team. After a complete review of all the options, ICG recommended the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. Here’s why..

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Retaining Healthcare Resources: a Practice Sights Case Study

Practices Sights had a very unique challenge. Although their new website would be publicly available, it was not a public website. Rather, they needed a data-collection and application platform to conduct and process statistical data and deliver results and reports to a small group of organizations and Practice Sights team members. ICG built a solution using DNN because it’s more than just a content management system – it’s also a great platform for ASP.NET applications and Sequel data capture. Here’s how we did it.

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50,000 Healthcare Workers Online: a 3RNet Case Study

3RNet – Rural Recruitment and Retention Network – is a non-profit organization whose fifty- three member companies work together to create a communications hub that connects health professionals with career opportunities in rural and underserved areas across all fifty states. They needed a highly secure, bulletproof, hybrid technology solution – ½ website and ½ customer application – to support their nationwide network of users. Here’s how we did it.

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