Website Security Resources from IowaComputerGurus

The following are links to free resources on website security. All were used or referenced in Mitchel Sellers’ recent webinar.

Security Best Practices for DNN Websites (April 17th, 2018, webinar slide deck)

SSL and Security Resources for Business Websites

SSL Implementation and Website Security Best Practices (pdf)

Free SSL Certificates Available from “Let’s Encrypt – Read our overview dated June 5, 2017

Webserver Hardening Best Practices

Vulnerability and Exploit Response Best Practices (pdf)

GDPR Resources for Business Websites

Navigating the GDPR – a summary article

Microsoft General GDPR Recommendations


Top 10 Security Threats 2017

Help and Additional Website Security Resources

If you have further questions or need help with website security on the DNN platform, send Mitch a note from our contact form. We are always happy to help.