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Giving back to the communities we believe in

ICG has strong ties to the Open Source Software (OSS) community and believes strongly in actively participating in Open Source initiatives. In addition to our team members contributing to large Open Source projects such as DNN, we manage development of a number of smaller projects. The below outline details on these projects.

Expand Text HTML Content in DNN Evoq and Platform with Expandable Text HTML from IowaComputerGurus

Expandable Text/HTML for DNN/EVOQ

The DNN Expandable Text/HTML module allows content administrators to quickly display multiple pieces of content in a compressed area. By allowing users to add multiple pieces of information to a single module with a simple link to allow users to expand and collapse the content as needed. Using a client-side expanding/collapsing process users will experience quick content refreshes and the module easily works within responsive layouts. For those concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the rendered content from this module is always visible to bots, even if collapsed.

Make Post and Run Quizzes in DNN Evoq and Platform with Quiz Module for DNN from IowaComputerGurus

Quiz Module for DNN/EVOQ

This simple DNN based module allows site administrators to quickly create quizzes for authenticated users on their website. With a simple, yet flexible, interface for question definition it allow for the creation of simple True/False questions to much more involved multiple choice questions. With completion events for successful passing of quizzes it is possible to perform certification style actions as well.

Download Quiz Module from GitHub Download Quiz Module Admin Guide
Schedule Run SQL Database Tasks and Jobs in DNN Evoq and Platform with Scheduled SQL Jobs Module from IowaComputerGurus

Scheduled SQL Jobs for DNN/EVOQ

Keeping DNN based sites running at peak performance is often something that is overlooked due to a lack of supported tooling on discounted hosting plans. ICG's Schedule SQL Jobs module allows site administrators to execute tasks within the DNN database on a regular interval using the DNN scheduler. This opens new doors for those administrators that might have have full support of a paid-edition of SQL Server, or dedicated resources where items such as SQL Agent scheduled tasks are not possible. Out of the box this module provides a number of common tasks to help keep your DNN site running smoothly.

Organize and Display Files in DNN Evoq and Platform with Simple File List Module from IowaComputerGurus

Simple File List for DNN/EVOQ

There are a ton of DNN modules available that provide robust document management solutions, this module isn't intended to compete with any of these. The goal of this module is simple; provide a method for showing files in a particular folder to website visitors. No need for management of the module, manual uploading of files or the like. Simply give it a folder within your website and I will provide users with links to each file.

Download Simple File List from GitHub Download Simple File List Admin Guide
List Provide and Display Article in DNN Evoq and Platform with News Articles URL Provider Module from IowaComputerGurus

News Articles Url Provider for DNN/EVOQ

Many users of the DNN/EVOQ platform have leveraged the Ventrian News Articles module to provide article based content. For older sites it was common to use a custom Url Provider paired with the iFinity UrlProvider that has been discontinued. This extension provides nice human friendly article URL's for modern day (7.2.0 and later) installations, a must have for those upgrading.

Legacy Open-Source Projects

Having been in the development business for a while, it is often the case that we need to "retire" offerings from active development. However, these older solutions are still at times valuable to our customers. The below products have been retired from active development and mainstream support. Regardless of their status, let us know if we can be of any assistance.

DB Exporter Logo

Database Exporter for DNN/EVOQ

For many years DNN has supported ad-hoc queries as part of the host user account. However helpful this functionality has always lacked an easy way to convert the results to CSV or XML format for use in other platforms or areas. In this simple module users are allowed to execute queries against the DNN database and export the content to the desired format. A helpful query is also included to list all tables making investigation easy.

Security My Install Logo

Secure My Install for DNN/EVOQ

An easy to use step-by-step process for securing legacy DNN installations that were using encrypted or plain-text password storage. This module allows the conversion of user credentials to the new DNN default of Hashed ensuring data security at rest by now supporting the decryption of user credentials. Designed for use by advanced users this extension can help secure older installations running on 4.7.0+ and 5.x versions of DNN.

Download Secure My Install from GitHub
Secure Password Recovery

Secure Password Recovery for DNN/EVOQ

Improving the security of our customers DNN installations has always been of the utmost importance. This extension for those not able to upgrade to DNN 7.0.0 or later, provided a secure mechanism for requesting password resets. Rather than the default DNN based process in which the users passwords were emailed in plain-text, a token process was employed. Users are sent a reset link and after following the link they are able to reset their password. Links are valid for a user-configured amount of time helping to ensure that users information stays private at all times. Starting with DNN 7.0.0 the platform now employs a similar secure recovery mechanism.