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Retired but not forgotten

Having been in the development business for a while, it is often the case that we need to "retire" offerings from active development. However, these older solutions are still at times valuable to our customers. The below products have been retired from active development and mainstream support. Regardless of their status, let us know if we can be of any assistance.

DB Exporter Logo

Database Exporter for DNN/EVOQ

For many years DNN has supported ad-hoc queries as part of the host user account. However helpful this functionality has always lacked an easy way to convert the results to CSV or XML format for use in other platforms or areas. In this simple module users are allowed to execute queries against the DNN database and export the content to the desired format. A helpful query is also included to list all tables making investigation easy.

Download Database Exporter from GitHub Download DB Exporter Admin Guide
Security My Install Logo

Secure My Install for DNN/EVOQ

An easy to use step-by-step process for securing legacy DNN installations that were using encrypted or plain-text password storage. This module allows the conversion of user credentials to the new DNN default of Hashed ensuring data security at rest by now supporting the decryption of user credentials. Designed for use by advanced users this extension can help secure older installations running on 4.7.0+ and 5.x versions of DNN.

Download Secure My Install from GitHub
Secure Password Recovery

Secure Password Recovery for DNN/EVOQ

Improving the security of our customers DNN installations has always been of the utmost importance. This extension for those not able to upgrade to DNN 7.0.0 or later, provided a secure mechanism for requesting password resets. Rather than the default DNN based process in which the users passwords were emailed in plain-text, a token process was employed. Users are sent a reset link and after following the link they are able to reset their password. Links are valid for a user-configured amount of time helping to ensure that users information stays private at all times. Starting with DNN 7.0.0 the platform now employs a similar secure recovery mechanism.

Download Secure Password Recovery from GitHub Download Secure Password Recovery Admin Guide