We recognize that great support is one of the most important things that we do. It all starts with clear, reliable communication and thorough documentation. We follow through on these with every project we take on and every application we develop. There are a lot of development shops out there. What sets us apart is that our great code always includes great support … every time.

But sometimes, support itself is what’s needed.  Whether you need support for a project we helped you create, an existing project developed elsewhere, a DotNetNuke (DNN) website maintenance agreement, or a custom package built to fill a specific set of needs, ICG can be there for you. 

... [IowaComputerGurus] are professional, easy to work with, and we were always happy to turn to them for help. I could not provide a higher recommendation for IowaComputerGurus. Total pros all the way around.

Life Cycle Services

Once a project is completed, it becomes an integral art of an organization and the productivity of the team using it.  As your business grows, adapting to new, emerging needs and requirements and training new personnel is vital.  ICG will be there for you. We can include complete, project life-cycle support to take you from launch through the entire expected life of the website or application. Great support includes great documentation of what has been completed.  We will maintain a complete version history and address your support needs every step of the way.  

Custom Support

Our customers appreciated our support services so much, we started to get requests for support on products and systems all across the Microsoft Windows and .NET spectrum. We can provide exceptional support for websites, applications, systems, and databases at every scale and customized to your particular requirements while meeting the highest standards for quality and satisfaction. Just let us know and we will craft a custom support and service package together for your organization. 

Custom Training

One of the highest callings for a company dedicated to support is to do our best to ensure that our customers need as little of it as possible. We do this in two ways: by designing and building the most stable and secure applications possible, and by offering training programs so that your team can become experts as well. Not just on the products we produce, but on managing and maintaining .NET systems and databases. We can create a customer training program that will help you make your team more productive and keep costs down.

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