Security Assessment Testing Upgrade Mitigation and Best Practices

Security Overview

It seems like we read about it in the news nearly every day – some website somewhere has been compromised. There is no doubt about it – website, application, and data security are the most important issues of the day. And because technology is advancing so fast, the risk profile changes every day. That means that great security is achievable only through vigilance – the disciplined commitment to security as a process.

Website & Application Security Assessment & Testing

We have so much experience securing websites and applications and hardening them from internet attack vectors that it has become one of our core competencies. And sometimes a thorough security review is all you need to ensure that your existing technology solutions are safe and secure.

We can perform a complete security assessment of your existing solutions or perform security tests against your infrastructure and code using the latest tools. You will get a thorough report detailing all known vulnerabilities and weighing the associated risks. We can even provide a remediation plan that details the steps needed and provides recommendations going forward. Or we can work with your team to implement that plan to make sure that everything meets your security standards.

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