Mobile and Responsive

Iowa Computer Gurus Has Been Here Since Day One

The first revolution was the internet itself. The second was the cloud as a means to deliver more services and information across the internet. The third is a radical change in the kinds of devices that we use to access and consume the internet.

Iowa Computer Gurus has been there since the start of these revolutions, building the kinds of applications and websites that our customers need to keep information and commerce flowing, no matter what kind of devices or access point is used. And we accomplish this while maintaining a consistent and effective user experience.

It’s About More Than Great Looks

Some developers think that this is solved by design alone. Design is vital, because people interact with technology through design. But it is more than that. Building great responsive applications and websites by design alone is like creating a building by looking at a picture. It just can’t be done that way.

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The Three Pillars of Great Mobile and Responsive Design

1. Understanding the platforms

iOS (Apple), Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry … but it also means keeping up with the latest developments so that no matter what kinds of devices and become popular, the sites and applications we create still operate well.

2. Dedication to disciplined coding practices and standards

Because clean code runs faster, is more stable, and remains scalable over time. Real businesses need bullet-proof as much as they need mobile.

3. Responsiveness and mobility are not just about mobile devices

When most people think of “mobile and responsive,” they usually think of the device in their hand. But we know that the device is just the point of delivery or consumption. True excellence in design involves considering the device, the servers hosting the application or website, the database managing the complex interaction of information, the computers and employees back at the office who receive the requests or data, and the other systems that need to be used to keep a business running.