Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Core

At ICG, we are experts at all things ASP.NET. We have been building successful business web applications on Microsoft’s signature platform for more than twelve years and we understand it inside and out. Even if you have an existing ASP.NET application or platform and need training, performance optimization, or expanding your environment, we have helped dozens of business get the most out of their current solution.

Microsoft has advanced their signature web development platform yet again. MVC Core is the latest iteration – bringing even greater performance and cross platform operation together for the first time. And ICG has been developing on it since day one.

Key MVC Core Advantages

There are several key advantages for applications developed on the MVC Core platform. Some of the most prominent of these are:

Cross Platform – MVC Core allows developers to build sites and applications that are truly cross-platform. This means that they will run on Windows, Linux, and even MacOS devices equally well. And they can be deployed in multiple instances directly to live or lab environments – saving time and allowing faster innovation.

Cloud Ready – The MVC Core platform was designed to facilitate fast development and deployment to the cloud. MVC Core apps can load to local hardware or directly into live public cloud environments quickly without requiring adjustments for server or virtualization requirements.

Performance – MVC Core is a lean and agile platform that yields staggering performance increases in every environment we’ve tested – not just in percentages, but in orders of magnitude. Just ask and we’d be glad to share some of the results with you.

There are many more benefits. If you want to learn how your next website or application project might benefit from development on MVC Core – or if you are considering migrating an existing application to MVC Core – use the links below. We’re always happy to help.

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