Intranets And Portals

As important as public-facing websites are to your business, the number of possible solutions made available by internet has grown. It is no longer “just” a medium to allow your customers to find you, it can be a way to help your employees, members, vendors, and contractors work with each other more efficiently than ever before.

Intranets and portals are websites specifically engineered to serve a specific group. They can be designed to serve hundreds of needs:

  • Collaboration tools to allow stakeholders to share materials and resources across the web.
  • Access points for community and organizational members to access benefits or learn about new products and services.
  • Private access sites for premium customers, donors, and patrons.
  • Human resources portals for personnel and benefits management.
  • Training and educational sites for corporate and academic coursework.
  • Subscription-based products and services with dedicated resources.
  • Custom service and support structures utilizing either off-the-shelf or proprietary service platforms.
  • Many more.

The Experience of ICG

Intranets and portals require specific attention to security and compliance—especially since, almost by definition, employees, business partners, and customers enter personally identifiable information into logins and forms. If medical insurance, or financial information is needed—very common in Human Resources, investment, and medical portals—then an compliance and security rise to new levels.

Iowa Computer Gurus is ideally suited to help with intranets and portals. We have been building successful, accessible solutions for years.

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