Internet of Things

Technology has expanded rapidly. Connectivity no longer means just people. One of the greatest avenues form increased productivity and efficiency in the field of connected devices: The Internet of Things (IoT).

Soon, this innovative way to link systems and physical devices will touch all of our lives in a virtually infinite number of ways. Iowa Computer Gurus is at the forefront of this new field, helping businesses develop new products through electronic prototyping, database-device interaction, and application coding.

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We Speak Your Language

Like all new, revolutionary technologies, the advent of IoT is giving birth to a host of new platforms and new base operating systems that utilize a variety of coding languages. The good news is that platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, FEZ, and Connext DDS have been designed to support a variety of code types. But which of these platforms is the right one for your application? And once the platform is chosen, we can help determine which coding language will work best as well; whether it is Java, PHP, Python JavaScript, Ruby, or a member of the C-family of coding languages (C#, C++, Objective-C, etc.). ICG can help.

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Interoperability / Integration

One of the greatest challenges is not the adoption of new technologies themselves; it is integrating the new technologies with existing software and systems. Even if the best lightweight technology for a new internet-connected device is Raspberry Pi running C++, but the company database is entrenched in an older version of Oracle, system-to-system interfaces can be made to ensure that the full value of the new technology opportunity is realized.

ICG has more than a decade of experience developing solutions to help disparate systems work together seamlessly.

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