Internet Websites

We are experts at responsive design and content management—but modern customers and users need more than that. They need performance and organization that helps them get to the information about you and your business as fast as possible and on every platform and device. Sites need to be secure and on the latest software versions. Page load and web application performance are as important as your logo, and solutions need to be scalable, durable, and easy to maintain. We have you covered. .

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...We are delighted with the work Mitchel and his staff have done, they have been instrumental in the successful development of our website. Mitchel produces solutions that meet our unique needs; he clearly communicates the options and discusses the pros and cons of each. I highly recommend IowaComputerGurus. - Joann Walter, Project Manager MRA

Platform Development & Support

ICG is platform agnostic and, perhaps more importantly we understand platforms. We have helped dozens of organizations cut through the marketing pitches and confusing statistics to determine which platform is the right one at the front end, before development work begins. It is all about having the right tool for the job at hand. And because we have built so many websites and applications on the leading platforms—WordPress, DNN, SharePoint, Kentico, and more—we have the experience necessary to provide the high level of service and support we are famous for.

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Mobile & Responsive

Simply stated, websites and intranets have to be mobile friendly and responsive. All of the traffic analysis—no matter whose numbers you look at—all point to this continuing trend. Fully half of all sites and a greater share of user engagement is achieved through mobile devices … the tablets, smartphones, and other devices that are revolutionizing the internet. ICG websites and applications built upon “The Three Pillars of Mobile and Responsive Development.”

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Performance & Scalability

Performance means a lot of things: fast database queries, snappy interfaces, efficient resource utilization, rock-solid stability under load, and much more. Whether it's increasing the speed and accuracy of a brand new project, or bringing enhanced performance and reliability to an existing solution, no one has more experience optimizing solutions on the .NET framework than ICG.

Our team members are leading experts on performance improvement. Organizations all over the world have replied on our expertise to bring enhanced performance to their mission critical projects.

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Applications & Architecture

Our team has been successfully building custom applications for years. Sometimes we are building from the ground up—responsible for an entire project. Sometimes we are working hand-in-hand with an in-place team or building an interface that allows existing systems to become more compatible. 

Writing code is what we do and we do it well.  But the nuts-and-bolts of technology are important too.  That's why we can also help with architecture recommendations (designing the physical requirements of a site or application) or consulting on the selection of a hosting infrastructure provider to ensure that your project get the best opportunity for success.

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