Internet Websites

Back in the day, when you wanted a website to get your business online, all that you had to worry about was whether some relatively simple HTML code would display a little information on a static computer monitor. We have been doing this for a long time and remember those old days!

Today the website is arguably the most important marketing and communications tool for your business … and it can be much more. Modern businesses build websites that act as important interfaces—allowing your team to interact with customers and each other and bring greater speed and efficiency to your business. Further, these websites need to be fast and responsive. They need to be efficient, responsive, and enhance usability on wall-sized Monitors measure in feet and still be amazing on pocket-sized screens measured in millimeters.

Websites are built upon platforms, and each platform has its strengths and weakness. It has to inter-operate with databases, external applications and even other websites in real time. And it needs to be fully scalable, robust, and secure because you never know when a traffic surge will hit or when a random failure or malicious attack might happen.

The Experience of ICG

Iowa Computer Gurus has been building customer website solutions for more than a decade. We have industry-leading experience in using the most popular and effective website platforms available, including DNN/DotNetNuke, Kentico, WordPress, SharePoint, and Microsoft ASP.NET. And we have been at the forefront of creating business websites that are stable, secure, and fast no matter what browser, computer, or mobile device used.

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