Website and App Deployment to Cloud or Hosting

Deploying Your Technology Solution

We understand that an elegant website solution and a well-executed application are not complete until they are deployed into a live, production environment and delivering value. We have worked hand-in-hand with all of the leading hosting and cloud providers to ensure that solutions performed at their best. That means:

  • Evaluating infrastructures
  • Architecting resource requirements
  • Locking down security protocols
  • Testing the production environment
  • Deploying the solution
  • Taking the solutions live
  • Monitoring the roll-out
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

We have performed these services in private datacenters, in colocation environments, at major hosting providers, and on all major public cloud platforms – including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud/SoftLayer, and more.

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Microsoft Azure

Due to recent technological advancements and the rapid deployment and support of open-source projects and tools, Microsoft Azure has taken the lead in public cloud infrastructures for business applications. ICG is an official Azure Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), which allows us a higher level of administrative access and support – delivering more value to our technology customers at no added cost

We can help you define your requirements and find the right cloud solution for your needs.

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