Applications & Architecture

Most of the process and economic efficiency generated over the last 30 years has been in technology. The underlying infrastructure have now improved to the point where the future of productive and efficiency will rely more and more upon the software and applications we run on them.

But building great applications is not enough. They have to be built upon solid platform architectures—from databases and operating systems to security layers. And in today’s technological environment, applications rarely stand alone. Integration and interfaces need to operate between new and existing applications and systems to ensure that the data gets where it needs to go and, increasing, ensuring that it doesn’t go where it is not supposed to.

The Experience of ICG

Iowa Computer Gurus is dedicated to creating quality building solid system architectures and creating quality code to run on them. We will work with your team to make sure that the software we create for you works right out of the box and accomplished the objects.

But more than that, we have one of the best reputations in the industry for providing superior support from day one through the full life-cycle of your project. It is a difference and added value that can be hard to find.

Dedication to accomplishing business requirements and objectives, solid software engineering, disciplined application of best practices, and superior support and life-cycle management … it is a formula for success that works.

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