Everyone has their own approach to white papers. For some, white papers are little different from sales sheets. Ours are industry best practices and technology documents designed to help our more-tech-savvy clients, other technology professionals, and users make their own projects more successful. In other words, they are about real content and are designed to deliver real value.

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... [IowaComputerGurus] are professional, easy to work with, and we were always happy to turn to them for help. I could not provide a higher recommendation for IowaComputerGurus. Total pros all the way around.

Case Studies

Case studies are stories from real life. They present contextually rich situations that allow us to communicate a specific need that we filled or a problem that we solved for a real customer.  More importantly, they shed light on the process ... the steps we took to successfully get to the destination.  They communicate not only the raw facts of technical competence, but allow readers to see us through the eyes of other customers. 

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The Blog

Technology is not just what we do, it is who we are.  When you are involved and care about your work as much as we do, that shows itself in other ways.  White papers and case studies are some of those ways.  Another is our company blog.  Here you will find short-form articles and resources, written by the ICG staff, about code, development, DNN and other content management systems, and other technical tid-bits that we have found interesting enough to write about.  Feel free to look around. 


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Our team has given hundreds of technology presentations and instructional demos all over the world.  Some of these have been recorded and we have curated some of the available videos here.  They cover a range of topics topics from CMS website best performance practices to SQL optimization and beyond.

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