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 Balancing Need for Help and Security

It is a regular occurrence for us to receive requests from people that are experiencing extreme issues.  It could be a single site that is down, a whole server that is having problems or any combination of other issues.  While we totally understand the urgency behind each of these requests, it is amazing the types of security risks that users will put themselves into, just to get help.  In this post I will outline our "best practices" recommendation for balancing the line between security and the urgency for help.

 Securing User Passwords in DotNetNuke

If you have been paying attention to the news in recent months you have most likely heard of a few cases where user information, such as Usernames and Passwords, have been exposed from some high visibility websites. Some of the more current leaks were with Gawker and Mozilla. For those that are unfamiliar the situation is pretty simple. These sites store user login information, usernames and passwords, that allow users access to their systems. Their systems were then breached and malicious users were able to get access to the information. Why is this something that I am blogging about in relation to DotNetNuke? Well, without a bit of configuration your site could be at risk, should a malicious user get access to your system. 

 Business Continuity Backup Strategies, DotNetNuke and You

A majority of the time when working with a business there is a strong focus on keeping things working, and leaving working items as they are.  However, when it comes to ensuring that business can continue as usual it is important to make sure that not only you have processes in place for backups, but backups alone are not going to do everything for you.  It is important to test/validate the backups and also to ensure that you are taking backups at all times that are necessary.  Below we will discuss our stance on these two topics.

 Selecting a Hosting Provider: The Business Side

In the past few weeks on my personal blog I have published articles on "Selecting a DotNetNuke Hosting Provider" as well as "Shared, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated or Cloud Hosting".  Between these two articles the topic of hosting selection has been pretty well discussed, however, based on questions/comments that have been provided to us since the publishing of the articles we felt that it was necessary to expand on the topic a bit more.  The previously mentioned articles discuss the basic needs for hosting based on a systematic approach, although 100% valid this approach might not be the best "true decider" when it comes to selecting a hosting provider.

 OpenForce Connections 2009 and IowaComputerGurus

We would like to bring some attention to the 2009 OpenForce Connections event that will be occurring November 9-12 in Las Vegas.  This event has been a must-attend item for us in years past and 2009 is shaping up the same way.  This year Mitchel will be presenting on the topic of DotNetNuke performance and we will also have a booth in Expo hall along other DotNetNuke module vendors.

 Mitchel Sellers Added as DotNetNuke Core Team Member

Today DotNetNuke Corporation sent out another issue of the Community Newsletter, in the founders message they announced the details of the much anticipated DotNetNuke Core Team re-arrangement.  Part of this announcement included the addition of myself as a DotNetNuke Core Team Member.  This has been something I've been working for quite a while.  I have a vested interest in helping DotNetNuke grow and hope that this assignment will grant new opportunities to contribute.

 DotNetNuke Performance Best Practices Guide

One of the most common questions that I have been asked over the past 1-2 years is; "How do you make DotNetNuke perform well?".  Over the past few months I have given a few presentations on basic configuration elements and how you can tune DotNetNuke for the best performance possible.  I will also be giving a presentation on the topic at OpenForce in Las Vegas this November, however, that presentation will have a few new items that have yet to be discussed.

 Customer Service and Customer Retention

One of the big things that IowaComputerGurus has done over the years is to create a network of service providers and product vendors.  This has allowed us to provide a full range of service, including items outside of our functional area.  The process that we follow to select these vendors for recommendation is a fairly complex operation and at minimum includes our usage of their services.  We do not believe in simply linking to products/companies unless we not only believe in the products offered, but in the ongoing support that is provided.  Why is this important?  Why are we blogging about this under a "Customer Service and Customer Retention" blog? 

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