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 .NET Core 3 Preview Release 1 Arrives from Microsoft

Overview of Features and Updates to .NET with Release of .NET Core 3

Most of us here have been waiting eagerly for more news about .NET Core 3. We’re like Black Friday shoppers waiting outside BestBuy at dawn – we just KNOW we’re going to get something good. And so we did. Here's a summary of the new crazy tech goodness coming out of our favorite development framework as announced at Microsoft Connect(): 2018.

 .NET Core: Where We Are Now and the Arrival of .NET Core 3.0

.NET Core Status Update Version 3.0 Software Application Development Microsoft

The continuing development of the .NET Core framework continues to advance at a rapid pace. The breadth and scope of those advancements is a continuing sign of Microsoft’s commitment to the platform with a focus on open-source software and cross-platform functionality. There are a lot more great updates coming soon, and they are worth touching on. But let’s begin with where we are now.

 What’s Happening with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Azure DevOps?

This week, Microsoft announced the launch and release of a brand-new service – Azure DevOps. If you were to simply review their launch materials (liked to here) you would be forgiven if you assumed that it was a completely brand-new service. Well, it's kind of is and it’s kind of not and – judging by the social media posts we’ve seen over the last forty-eight hours – there are a lot of smart tech folks out there who don’t know what to make of it yet. Let’s see if we can clear that up for you.

 Another Genius Move from Microsoft – Acquires GitHub for $7.5 Billion in Stock

The news broke this morning that Microsoft Corp [MSFT] has acquired leading software project collaboration and sharing service GitHub for $7.5 billion in stock. There are a lot of pro and con arguments making the rounds, but we believe this is a good thing for a few very important reasons.

 DNN Software Has Been Acquired by ESW Capital – Here’s What You Need to Know

DNN Corp. produces the EVOQ platform and the open-source version DotNetNuke – the most popular Microsoft Windows-based Content Management System (CMS) software. Earlier this week, rumors started circulating that DNN Corp. was about to be acquired. There has been talk and speculation about this kind of thing for years, and it has always been something that the DNN development and user community has kept an eye on. The news just dropped that the rumors were true this time. But rumors are rumors, so let’s talk about what we know so far.

 Introducing FlightFiles - Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Made Easy

IowaComputerGurus is excited to announce the general availability of our new Web-Based Aircraft Maintenance Tracking system.  Designed to take the headache out of tracking important maintenance operations with single-engine aircraft.  The idea driven from the cumbersome tracking processes that I personally encountered when going from student pilot to aircraft owner.  I wanted the ability to quickly and easily see what needed to be done with my plane, when it needed to be done, and in a manner that was reliable.  I did not want others using my plane to need to remember to send a picture of the flight log in the plane, or provide other information to me to stay on top of things.

 Major IowaComputerGurus Updates

We have been busy here at IowaComputerGurus for a while as we have been heads-down working on a massive set of updates to the documents, modules, tools, and resources that we make available on this site. In addition to a major update for our brand and visual appeal. It is with great honor that I reveal to you the fruits of our labor from the past months!

 OpenForce Connections 2009 and IowaComputerGurus

We would like to bring some attention to the 2009 OpenForce Connections event that will be occurring November 9-12 in Las Vegas.  This event has been a must-attend item for us in years past and 2009 is shaping up the same way.  This year Mitchel will be presenting on the topic of DotNetNuke performance and we will also have a booth in Expo hall along other DotNetNuke module vendors.

 Mitchel Sellers Added as DotNetNuke Core Team Member

Today DotNetNuke Corporation sent out another issue of the Community Newsletter, in the founders message they announced the details of the much anticipated DotNetNuke Core Team re-arrangement.  Part of this announcement included the addition of myself as a DotNetNuke Core Team Member.  This has been something I've been working for quite a while.  I have a vested interest in helping DotNetNuke grow and hope that this assignment will grant new opportunities to contribute.

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