Free Utilities

ICG in addition to supporting various open source applications additionally provides a number of helpful utilities to assist development teams with common problems. The following are all currently supported ICG utilities. We welcome all suggestions on these offerings.

DNN Simple Module Template

We believe in following development practices that support portability, stability, and consistency. As such, we have published our base template that is used for the creation of all DNN extension projects. A simple, blank module template setup with best practices in mind to get started quickly. Fully supporting development in standalone environments and using NuGet packages for extension validation. Template works for Visual Studio 2010 and later.

Download VS Template

DNN Package Aggregator for Developers

When developing highly complex DNN solutions often times developers will have a plethora of individual modules developed. Best practices for development dictate that this is appropriate, however, the deployment process can be tedious. Requiring developers to run module by module and extract the installer file for that module to then be installed. This simple utility will search a given folder tree and find the latest version installer of all module packages. Using this developers can quickly send modules off for manual installation or bulk installation.

Download Application

Visual Studio Solution Packager

As software developers we often package source code for distribution to clients, or for storage in remote locations. Although a simple "Zip" of files can be used to share files we find that often times opening the solution on the other end is complicated. As such, we created this simple utility that removes all unneeded elements from a solution and creates a single zip file for distribution. As part of the process the original files are unchanged, however, the packaged solution is a clean copy of the code. Removing user specific files, ReSharper cache files, Source Control Bindings, and other items that can cause issues with opening.

Download Project Cleaner