We have created and support a number of products. Some of these are commercial products for sale, others reflect our commitment to our technology communities and are available as no-charge, open source downloads. All of our products require the acceptance of the license agreement included with each product and our Terms of Service.

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Commercial Products

Our commercial products include some of the most popular DotNetNuke (DNN) modules and extensions as well as some of the home-built tools we have developed along the way. Commercial products are those that generate revenue for ICG. Sometimes that is from reasonable license fees, but more often there is no direct cost to you. In those cases, the site that hosts the product download may provide some form of compensation.

Utility Products

Utilities are special-use programs that perform a single or limited set of tasks that aid in technology maintenance, monitoring, or trouble-shooting. Like many technology shops, we build utilities for our own use. If we find that what we develop has value beyond the current project, we formalize it into a product and make it available here.

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Free / Open Source Products

Open Source products are available directly as downloads from this site. There is a broad range of products available. But even though these products carry no direct charge and may allow you to customize the code as needed, they are still high quality technology solutions that we are proud of.

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Legacy Products

We have been doing this for a long time, and we started developing modules, tools, and utilities right from the start. So although some of our older products are no longer “officially” supported, we know that some of the customers that have been with us for a while might need to have a fresh install or additional product information. That’s what you will find on our legacy products page.

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