DotNetNuke™ Skin Design Services

IowaComputerGurus offers skin design services to complete both the creative and implementation phases of the process.  If all you have is an idea, we can provide the creative resources to take that idea and turn it into a website design that can be implemented via DotNetNuke.  If you have an existing design in PSD format and are simply looking to implement the design in DotNetNuke we can handle that as well.  The following sections outline a bit of detail on our offerings depending on the type of services needed.

Standards and Performance Focused

All custom skins are designed with standards compliance and performance in mind. Utilizing div based layouts with semantic markup and carefully planned pane layouts we are able to deliver flexible skins to grow with your website while keeping the best performance and usability.

Creative Design Process

If you are looking for a complete skin design, including the creative process.  We have an established process that we follow to complete the initial phase of the process.  We start out with a questionnaire that is designed to get guidance on how the design should be assembled and important items to include or exclude in the final design.  Once this has been obtained we will begin with an initial mockup.  Typically this process is 1-2 weeks from time of receipt of the completed questionnaire.  From here revisions of the design will be completed until the final goal has been reached.  Typically 2-5 iterations will be completed before arriving at a final design.

PSD -> Skin Conversion Process

Depending on the size and complexity of your design we can typically turn around most conversion projects in two weeks or less with 2 or less skin variations and a small number of containers.  Larger projects will be quoted and an accurate delivery estimate created.  As part of all conversions we place an emphasis on usability and will ensure that the skin works well not only for public facing elements of the site but but your back end features and systems as well.  As we quote PSD conversions for designs not created by IowaComputerGurus we will review the desired implementation and notify you of any potential issues with implementation on DotNetNuke and potential mitigating factors if needed.

Project References

Our portfolio section contains a few examples of design projects that we have worked on in the past as an example of our abilities. We have a number of other past projects that can be shared directly that are not posted to this site. You may contact us to request more examples and references as needed.

To get started on your design project or to request a quote for PSD conversion please contact us.