DotNetNuke ™ Extension Development Services

IowaComputerGurus is a leading provider of custom DotNetNuke Extensions with a history of over 500 extensions developed since inception. All solutions are written with C# .NET and most current versions of .NET and DotNetNuke unless otherwise requested to ensure the best forward compatibility. We take pride in creating solutions that integrate fully into the DotNetNuke system and meet all client requirements the first time.  We take a no hassle approach to all custom development projects by creating a detailed specification and a no-hassle fixed price prior to starting the development process.  For more information on our development process, please see the "Our Process" section below.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing honest information and a no-hassle environment.  We have no minimum charges for development projects and charge a modest $140 per hour for all development projects.  There is also no charge for project planning, proposals, and consultations, we want to ensure that both parties are on the same page prior to the start of development.  We have have a long list of satisfied customers, you can visit our Testimonials section for a few comments from past customers.

For information on how we can help your custom DotNetNuke extension become a reality, please read about our process below then use our "Contact Us" form to get the process started.

Our Process

We approach all custom module development projects using a very specific process, starting from the initial client contact.  Below is an outline of the general process that occurs when working with us to create a module.  Please keep in mind that we follow this process with all projects however the time spent on each step will vary depending on the scope and complexity of the desired solution.

Step 1 - Client Request for Module

The entire process starts with your request for a custom module to meet a specific business need. The more information you can provide at this time the more smoothly we can progress through the project process.

Step 2 - Clarification of Request

As we start to translate your request for a custom module into a technical specification we will ask for clarification on any items that we do not fully understand.

Step 3 - Delivery of Specification and Proposal

After receiving and translating the requirements, we will deliver a formal project specification including a detailed plan of completion and full details regarding costs. This is a fixed cost estimate and there is no obligation to continue with the project at this time. All of the previous services are completed at no cost to you.

Step 4 - Receipt of Down Payment and Establishment of Project Site

If you elect to continue with our services we require a 50% down payment on the total cost of implementation. As you are arranging the down payment we will create a project on our BaseCamp website which will be used for all future communication. This will allow us to keep a record of communication and easily allow files to be transferred between parties.

Step 5 - Initial Review

After the agreed upon development time we will provide you with a version of the module for testing. At this time you will review it for completeness and functionality. This version will have a time restriction on usage.

Step 6 - Modifications (if needed)

If any issues were identified during step 5 of the process, modifications will be completed and the project will return to step 5 for another review.

Step 7 - Final Payment and Delivery

After the module has been tested to meet your needs and final payment has been received, the final installation package will be delivered which will be set up to deploy to a production environment.