DotNetNukeā„¢ Configuration & Installation Services

We offer complete services to help you get DotNetNuke® installed, upgraded, and/or configured properly on your hosting provider or your own dedicated server. We also maintain installation and upgrade guides if you wish to handle this process yourself. Please see the links in the "Useful Links" section to your left for this content, which is hosted on our sister site.

Why choose us to install, upgrade, or configure DotNetNuke for you? Administering DotNetNuke from an installation or upgrade standpoint involves a number of related technologies and for most there can be a steep learning curve to fully understand all systems. In addition upgrades are critical items that require disaster recovery plans to be in place prior to starting to ensure that in the unfortunate case of a failed upgrade that the existing site can be restored quickly and without data loss. With our experience with DotNetNuke we can quickly and safely complete these tasks, taking the hassle out of the process.

From a third party hosting provider perspective we have experience with many different providers and can typically work with you if you have an established provider. If you are looking to establish a hosting provider as well, we work very closely with 3Essentials and PowerDNN to place clients on an appropriate plan if needed.

We provide a competitive advantage by ensuring that all sites have been properly secured and tuned for the best possible performance on the specific hosted environment. By leveraging our experience with the different versions of DotNetNuke and the various hosting provider limitations we can typically improve performance by 40% over that of a standard DotNetNuke installation.

Contact Us today for a quote or see the listing below of standard rates.

Pricing Information

Installation and Configuration to Existing Provider

If you have an existing hosting account that supports ASP.NET 4.0 (or later) and SQL Server 2005 (or later), we will install and configure DotNetNuke for a total cost of $280.

NOTE: For this service we must be granted permissions to access the hosting control panel and FTP for the domain. Depending on the provider we may additionally need to contact support to submit a ticket for final configuration. We will NOT do any installations to GoDaddy accounts.

Establishment of Hosting and Configuration/Install

If you are just getting started with DotNetNuke and do not have a domain name or hosting provider, we can take all the hassle away, and can complete the entire process for you. This includes registering your domain name with DNSimple, creation of a 1 year paid hosting account with Applied Innovations, as well as installation and configuration of DotNetNuke for a total cost of $575.

With this service we have two options for the management of accounts. We can create accounts and set them up in your name and turn them over upon successful site creation. Or for a truly hassle free experience we can maintain the accounts and invoice you yearly for ongoing expenses.


Due to the robust collection of configurations and sizes of sites it is not possible for us to publish a flat rate fee for DotNetNuke upgrades. Please Contact Us for a quote.

Other Configurations

If you have a desired setup that does not meet one of the above listed scenarios please contact us for pricing. All other configurations are completed on an hourly basis at our standard rate of $140/hour.