DotNetNuke™ Extensions

IowaComputerGurus offers a wide variety of free and for-purchase DotNetNuke Extensions to meet your business needs.  The following is a listing of all current Extensions.

Course Gradebook

This simple module gives instructors the ability to track and share student grades from the comfort of their DotNetNuke installation..

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Database Exporter

An improvement over the out-of-the-box DotNetNuke SQL module this free utility gives the ability to export query results to CSV or XML formats for consumption in other locations. Great for data extract/migration situations.

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Event Schedule

A module for displaying event schedules in a standard, table layout, with full customization.

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Expandable Text

A fully customizable expandable text/HTML module, complete with client side expand and collapse. A great replacement for the clunky slow performing DotNetNuke FAQ module.

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External Database Authentication

The external database authentication provider allows your DotNetNuke installation to communicate to an external SQL Server database to validate users rather than using the internal database of users. In the source version this module is a great building block for other integrations as well.

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Install Security

Improve the security of your DotNetNuke User information by converting Encrypted passwords to the more secure and industry standard Hashed format. All using this free module!

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Link Confirmation

This module allows you to add a confirmation/disclaimer to your site prompting users to make sure that they are really wanting to leave your site. Great for sites with legal requirements of notification such as banks or finance organizations.

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Quiz Module

This module is a full featured quiz generation module that allows site administrators to test the knowledge of users. Options for completion events including the ability to assign the user to a role as well as "Re certification" processes are included as core features.

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Scheduled SQL Jobs

Execute database cleanup SQL jobs on a set schedule to help keep your DotNetNuke installation running smoothly.

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Secure Password Recovery

Allow your users to recover forgotten passwords in a more secure manner. Ensure that malicious users cannot force a user to reset their password and avoid sending the user's current password to them via e-mail!

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Simple File List

A simple module that shows a listing of all files as stored in the file system within a DNN folder.

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